Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Write: Writing Check In

It’s been over a week since NaNoWriMo began.  I made a schedule and I had a plan.  How am I doing?  Not so hot.

I had a few days of events I didn’t plan for that meant I didn’t get any writing done.  I went roller skating and learned how to cartridge pleat!  There were a few more days where I just couldn’t summon the energy to get anything done.  All of that adds up to me being several thousands of words behind.

I could say, eh, I’m not going to catch up… but I can’t do that.  Last night, I got back on track and went over the 1667 word a day goal.  I feel like I’m ready to go and can accomplish my goal. 

My laundry is still getting done, my dishes are mostly getting done, and I have made dinner every day this week since Sunday.  For me, that’s pretty impressive.  Also, it’s a pattern I can continue while I catch up with my writing. 

So am I on target?  No, but I’m getting there.

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