Friday, June 25, 2010

Create: Inspiration Notebooks

I may have mentioned this before, but in one of my last swaps, I received a fantastic notebook.  It was an inspiration journal with lines from one of my favorite poets on top of each page.  You are supposed to be able to open up the journal and write about what is written on top if you are stuck for inspiration.  I find it a fantastic idea and have shared it with my writer's group.

This last group meeting, we realized that it would take a lot of time to fill out an entire notebook with quotes.  So after sharing the idea, we decided to take one line from a book and write for ten minutes and see what we came up with.  It was wonderful to see the different ideas people came up with.

This journal idea could be modified for whatever craft/art you do.  Do you draw? Write your lines on top of your sketch journal pages.  It will just require a little inspiration to tweak the idea to your needs.

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