Friday, June 11, 2010

Extra! Craft Hope: Gulf Oil Spill

I have been watching coverage of the oil spill for as long as I can stomach each night.  My son has started asking to change the channel because he doesn't want to hear anymore.  I've been down because I haven't felt like I can do anything about the spill.  Moving and being a single mom means that there isn't much left over for me to donate, I don't cut my hair enough to gather the amount they would like to create booms, and there is no way for me to travel to help with clean up. 

I put spare change in a jar for the gnomes/spirits of the house/agathos daimon and it is earmarked for a charity dealing with home/family.  For instance, I may donate it to the Emergency Residency Project in town, or the local women's abuse shelter.  But this oil spill affects my countries home and wildlife and people.  I don't know, I have to ask the gnomes where they want it to go.

But I found something today that I CAN do.  I will also be asking if we can have our fibers group participate (but I'll wait until either tonight or tomorrow to ask the host since we're all sorts of crazy about the dedication ceremony tomorrow).  ANYWAY, Craft Hope is working on a project to send handmade towels and wash clothes to a group working to clean animals affected by the oil spill.  By donated handmade items made preferably of cotton, I could finally have some peace in knowing that I helped out in some way.

Items can be knitted, crocheted, or sewn out of preferably cotton or terrycloth.  They will even accept items that are not handmade or of the preferred material. That is how much they need these items.

The due date is July 3rd, but they will continue to accept items after that.

If you are interested in helping, leave a comment at the project 8 blog and get cracking!  The button on the right goes to their homepage.

Luckily I have some cotton sitting out from packing in case I wanted to make something this week.  I think in my travel time between work and home I should be able to work on one a day, hopefully. 

Let me know if you are planning on helping as well!

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