Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Inspire: A Life with Plastic

Sorry about the late post, dear readers.  Blogger didn't want to let me put up a new post yesterday.  It was a technical Blogger thing, not me, I swear! :)

I've been following the Save Our Oceans contest, or at least I was until I realized I was moving, in upcycling and recycling.  It's about reducing plastic use and consumption.  At the same time, Cat Chapin-Bishop of Quaker Pagan Reflections decided that she needed to reduce plastic waste in her own life and started a new blog called Chestnut House where she deals with how to lower her plastic consumption.  A blogger on my local newspaper wrote an article that really got me, and I think this is part of the reason for the outcry against plastic.  In his article, he states that BP isn't the one at fault, we are for our use of throw away plastic. 

In wake of the oil spill in the gulf, I've been debating my use of plastic as well.  Granted, I don't buy bottled water (except for long trips where I've forgotten my reusable one or I'm dying of thirst, even then I feel guilty), but I realized yesterday during lunch that my string cheese was wrapped in plastic.  How am I to reduce my waste when I didn't even realize that?  I used to buy the store brand that came without single servings and I'm going to go back to that.  But what do I put my string cheese in?  What do I put my trash in?  Plastic is everywhere and to reduce it from where I'm currently at is going to take a lot of work. 

Luckily, I believe my son is with me.  He has been just as emotionally affected by the gulf spill as I have been.  But do I ask him to give up all his plastic toys?  I believe I will start will smaller steps and work my way towards being plastic free, or at least less.  I will not throw away my tupperware lunch containers and go buy new.  But when they are worn out or I need new ones, I will look for alternatives.  The glass containers I have now have plastic lids...  It's everywhere!

With my move, I am also looking at alternative transportation.  Unfortunately, the buses start ten minutes after I need to be at my vanpool in the morning.  So I will have to either fix/get a new car, fix/ride my bike (exercise!), or find a ride.  Not so bad in the summer, but winter here gets to -20 before you factor in windchill.

Are you interested in reducing your plastic use?  Do you think we are to blame for BP's actions?  How else can we reduce our impact on the planet?

Video: Use Less Plastic to Save Our Oceans

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