Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Write: Fleeting Inspiration

Do you ever get overwhelmed with ideas?  Are you ever in the middle of writing down one idea and get bombarded with several others, half gone before you can jot them down?  I know how you feel...

Enjoy this week's writing offering:

I can't write fast enough.  The words, they fly across my mind's eye, teasing and taunting as they disappear.  No enticement, no pleading, no begging will bring them back long enough to be tacked down by my pen.  Just out of sight is out of mind is good and gone.

Half formed scribbles litter my page with those phrases that were pinned down but not like butterflies spread beautifully in death.  Half of the notes are abandoned, their brethren having sped the process to the point where nothing is legible.


I may lay in wait in a blind, ambushing the perfect word to mount on my paper.  Let the good words pass and just wait for that absolutely perfect word.  Floods and schools of others may pass in front of my spot, but I will let them go.  I will wait for the wonderful words and let the others escape my arrows of ink. 

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