Monday, June 14, 2010

Extra! Noumenia and Goals

It's the first sliver of new moon again, peeking out from behind clouds and shedding It's light again on us. 

Last month, I said I would work on my daily practice and follow the calender of rituals.  I pretty much met those goals this month.  I asked for help in finding a place to live in my hometown, ten miles away from where I currently live, since my car went to crap again.  I asked for the transition to be easy on my pocketbook since I was moving a lot earlier than expected.  I pledged that I would make an offering for the help I received.

I found a fantastic duplex from my current rental company that will transfer deposit and split June's rent.  So I am moving on Saturday.  I had given up my search for a duplex when I decided that I should probably start trying to save money for a better car and such.  But this duplex is a straight shot down and two miles away from where I pick up my rideshare van, a mile away from an elementary school, comes with a garage and washer/dryer hookups, and is right next to a cyride (city bus system) stop.  It's just about perfect for us.  And I can afford it.

So I made sure that once the lease was signed and everything was finalized that I made my offering.  I also managed to remember to light a candle for Hekate's Deipnon yesterday, although I forgot the libation to Zeus Saturday.

This month I am going to make my goal to establish myself and my gods in my new home.  I have a couple ideas for how to do so that would be better than what I currently do, but we will see.

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