Friday, June 11, 2010

Create: Plastic Bag Keeper

I have a tendency to forget my reusable bags when I go to the store, or I don't plan on going to the store and end up not having them when I need them.  Either way, I've ended up with a lot of plastic bags.  What better way to keep them than to stick them in this thing? 
This has worked for me for awhile (when I don't over stuff it with plastic bags).  I took a bandanna, sewed one side together to create the length.  Then, I sewed casings for the elastic on top and bottom.  And last, I added a strip of elastic as a hanger.  That was one thing I would change.  Rather than elastic, use a ribbon or cloth for the hanger.  It works really well.  Just pull a bag out of the top or bottom when you need it.

Happy Friday!

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