Friday, June 4, 2010

Create: Summer Waves Bag

Well, I didn't finish my project for this week.  It's almost done, just in need of a strap.  I fell asleep on the couch last night and luckily I was woken up by a friend calling so I could make sure the kidlet got into the shower and to bed.  I could barely stay awake long enough to make lunches.  Thank goodness for leftovers!

Here is the main body of my son's bag, made of stashed yarn and plarn.  He wanted something to carry water balloons in, and also something to holster his water gun with.  I can't quite think of a way to holster the water gun to the bag without it being too heavy, so I think I'm going to create a guitar-style strap that attaches to the water gun.  Then he can hook the bag (once I create a strap for it) to the water gun.

Hopefully I have it done by next week when we dedicate the mural with water balloons!

Until next week, go out there and do it!

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