Friday, March 11, 2011

Create: My Supernatural Planner

There have been a lot of shows and movies that I have loved, such as Firefly, Doctor Who, and (guilty secret) Make It Or Break It.  But even though I love love love Firefly, I've never really gotten around to making any item from fandom.  I only recently bought the DVD of the series.

So why is it that only a week after watching Supernatural season 1, I felt the overwhelming urge to make something based on the show?  I blame stationary.

Stationary and I have had a torrid love affair for awhile.  I lust after it, get it, then worry about making a mess with it.  Only recently have I said, screw it, I'm writing on you and I don't care if I mess it up.  It's still a work in progress.  Some friends have to be drug out of the shoe aisle.  I get dragged out of stationary supplies.

I like to think that there are three main characters in Supernatural.  Dean, Sam, and John's Journal.  John, the dad, is a big figure in the show and they are searching for him, but the journal itself is in almost every episode.  They actually show the pages not just the outside of it.  It's an old planner that has been repurposed into a monster hunting guide.  It's awesome. 

So when the bright lime green binder I had been using as a planner started tearing, I figured I would make it into a Supernatural journal. 

John's journal looks like a leather planner and while I wanted to do something based off the show, I wanted it to be my own as well.  After all, I might write stories about monsters but I didn't plan on my planner being a how to guide.

You can see the lime green in the photo above.  I chose that color originally in an effort to keep track of it.  If I turned it into a brown journal, I would loose the color.  So I chose a different color.

The belt holding it closed is a lovely bright lime green, close to the original color.  It's not as eye catching, but it catches the eye.  I repurposed the buckle from an old belt of my sons, just two D rings that are easy to undo but hold it all together.  I didn't want to mess with rivets and this way I can expand my journal as needed.

Before I made the cover, I had a bunch of stuff stuck in the pockets, so I made sure I had at least one in the cover.

The cover was made the way you cover a text book or a reading book.  It is just folded over and sewn in place.  I added the pocket by sewing the edges around the flap before sewing the flap closed to the front.  The belt was made before that and sewn into place on top of the flat fabric.

Now I am ready to go monster hunting!  Or at least remember when my next meeting is.

Have a great weekend!

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