Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Write: What to Write

As I have mentioned before, I signed up for the Fiction Project earlier this year.  I still haven't finished it yet and it is due in the mail by May 1st.  So in an effort to get stuff off my To Do List, I am going to share with you an outline of what I will be writing about.  For some reason, I seem to be stuck in the 'When April gets here I will start writing about it' mindset and it's killing me.  Hopefully I will start writing this week.  No, not hopefully, I will start writing this week.

It's a very rough outline, based mostly on dialogue.  I need to flesh it out enough to fill many many pages, yikes.  So I better get to it, right? 

1 - Man confronts a woman hanging around outside his house.
* Leave me alone and go away.
* That's fine.  I'll see you in five minutes.
* I'm calling the cops.
* Please do.  Maybe they can help.

2 - She shows up inside
* It's been five minutes.  Are you ready to go?
* He's standing over his body while his wife gives him CPR
* Him:  All I remember is a flash and a pain.  I was making dinner
* It got you quick.  I'm sorry but you are dead.  I'm here to guide you to the Underworld
* But they might save me
*  If you linger, you might live.  But you'd be in a coma.  You wouldn't be alive.
* What happens now?
* That depends on you.

3 - The Under World
* What do you believe in?
* I don't know
* Travel down gray streets - a run down area full of ghosts and those who feel like they've lost their souls but are still alive.  Humanity clinging to the gutters, not wanting to disapear.
* House at the end of the street - full of waiting spirits, an eternal waiting room.
* Purgatory for those that haven't figured out what they want
* Takes a tour of different doors in the house that lead to different beliefs, different heavens, different hells
* Someone runs out of a hell door and slams it shut, gasping and sinks into a seat.  He gets up and tags along when they go by - someone she knows.
* I told you it wasn't fun.

4 - Fields of Asphodel
* The gray plain full of wandering listless spirits trampling down the grasses.
* Judges sit in high thrones
* If you want judgment, this is it.  Or you can choose your own adventure in the house.
* The judges nod him towards an open door

5 - Hospital where a baby is being born
* They gave you a chance to be reborn.  You figured out you wanted another chance to live.
* Would I remember?
*  That's the whole point, no.  You have five minutes.
* What about you?  What did you decide?
* I chose to help.
*So will I.


  1. Its so hard to not procrastinate with writing! But it seems you're on the right track and will get this writing done! Good luck :)

  2. Thanks for the support! I procrastinate terribly with writing but tearing it apart into these smaller sections through an outline seem to help.

    Thanks again.