Monday, March 7, 2011

Noumenia: A New Month Begins

I had big plans for this month.  I was going to change the way I posted things here at Mused.  I was going to start up my new blog.  I was going to do lots of things.  But, of course, only a few things managed to get done.

I did finally post to my new blog, The Gods and I, and plan to update that blog at least once a week.  It will host my religious ramblings and events.  I hadn’t posted there yet because when I started it, I thought I would cut out all religion from this blog to make it more accessible for different sorts of people.  But I never really liked that thought.  Now I am going to use it to make myself accountable for practicing my religion. 

I had a conversation with a friend about changing the blog and his response made me rethink my drastic measures.  I was going to drop the name tags for each blog and turn it more into a ‘what I’m doing’ sort of blog.  There would still be inspiration - what is going on right now, writing – my process and ramblings rather than pieces, and creating – things in progress and what others are doing.  I think I will keep some of these ideas, but I would rather integrate them into what I am doing now.  My friend made me realize that I just needed to change the way I approached it than to redo it entirely. 

I’ve started that this week and a bit last, focusing on what inspires me than what is going on the calendar.  That bogged me down too much and made it boring to post.  The writing and crafting sections may not match the inspiration for the week, but that’s okay because it doesn’t have to.  The writing section may at times be an update on a project I am doing rather than a piece of fiction or poetry.  The crafting section may be about something in progress like it was last week with my daisy square blanket or it may be a review of a new craft book that I enjoyed. 

I’ve been going a million different directions lately and I need to stop and return the focus to where it needs to be.  My house is a disaster, my kiddo is going through a bunch of stuff, and I barely lit a candle for Noumenia this month instead of the rituals.  I need to center, come at things from the bottom up, and not take on more than I can chew.

This month is a new beginning, a return to finding joy in everything, even cleaning my house.

Have a great month!

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