Monday, March 28, 2011

Inspire: Clearing Out the To Do Pile

Oh no!  It's an overflowing To Do pile!  Quick, do something or it will drown us in unfinished ideas!  Aaaaah!

I have a long list of things I want to do, crafts I want to make, stories I want to write, places I want to go.  I make lists of these things... and then walk away.  That's part of the reason why my word and focus for 2011 is Action. 

I have been pretty blah last week and all I've managed to get done is Netflix.  But I am making it a priority to get things done this week.  Am I going to get my whole back log done?  Oh hell no.  But I can accomplish at least one thing.  I'm hoping to set up a reasonable timeline to get something else done too.  And I will try to follow at least one of the organizing strategies I have run across. 

I feel so much better when things are done.  But I get get sucked into the loop of feeling bad for not getting things done, so other things don't get done because I feel guilty, etc, spiral loop of doom.  Enough of that.  I just want to get it done.

I started this weekend and I am very proud of what I accomplished, even though it did involve a large amount of movie time.  But I finished a project and set up another one.  Let's hope I can keep this flow going all week and continue it down the road.

Do you ever get stuck by your own insecurities or guilt?  I have the most horrible time with guilt.

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