Monday, March 14, 2011

Inspire: It's Pi Day!

Happy 3.14 Day!  Those nerds among you may now this as Pi(e) Day.  March 14th reads, of course, like 3.14, the first few digits in the mathematical Pi.  So why do we celebrate this day?  Because Pi is a great number that helps you figure out circle measurements and we get to eat Pie.

Everybody loves Pie.

This morning I got up earlier than I normally due (but still after a couple of snooze hits) and threw a breakfast pizza pie in the oven.  Then I discovered that I was still sick so I went back to bed after breakfast.  For lunch, the kiddo (who is on spring break) had turkey pot pies.  For dinner, we are getting together with friends and having pizza pie, apple pie, and pumpkin pie (yuck). 

It's a pie kind of day. 

I think I will try to figure out Mincemeat Pies for next year.

Are you celebrating the joys of Pi?

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