Monday, March 21, 2011

Inspire: A Little Zine

I've been enamored of zines for the past year or two.  My art group hosted a workshop on how to make them and I had a blast.  I don't know why I missed out on the whole zine thing before, but I am glad I have finally found them.

A friend of mine writes a zine and blog as her business.  It's a pretty nifty monthly craft zine called Craft Leftovers.  She introduced me to a wonderful zine put out by Sue Mwamba and her wonderful world of Tanglecraft zines.  There are a lot of other really great zines out there that have nothing to do with crafting.  I like checking out Microcosm and PM Press for different zines.

And, of course, I like making them!

I signed up for a wonderful mini zine swap that is due on Friday and found a fantastic new way of making a zine on another swap!  I swap on Swap-Bot right now.  It's called a maze book.  I've known how to do a maze book since that first workshop I attended.  But this makes it into something new.  I'm excited about it!  Now I just need a theme...

I'm hoping to get a list of my zines up on a side bar or page soon.  If you like zines and feel like swapping, let me know!  Or if you just want to check one out, you can let me know too. :)

Have a great Monday!  I'm off to the doctor and dentist.

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