Friday, April 30, 2010

Create: April Showers Bring...

May Flowers!

I zoned last night and didn't finish my May Day baskets, but I do have some of these lovely flowers to show you.  Even something of a tutorial!  I learned how to make a different kind of felt flower last year, but this year the wonderful people at our Sew 'n Swap event taught us how to make gathered flowers from felted sweaters.  I don't have any felted sweaters available at home, so I used felt that has been in my stash.

To start, trace out the shape you want your flower - circles, rounded edges, spiky edges - and make several different sizes of template.
Next, trace the templates onto your felt then cut them out.  Once they are cut out, fold them and take a piece out of the center.  This the the part that you are going to gather around.  I try to do about dime size but the lovely Sew 'n Swappers figured out that the larger the center hole, the more bunched your flower is going to be. 
Then you do a gather stitch around the hole you have made.
Then you layer your three sizes, biggest on the bottom, and sew them together.  Instead of cutting off the thread when I finish sewing the smallest one, I simply knot it and start sewing from there.  Once that is done, you can cut some pieces of green felt and layer them on the back to make leaves.
We used pin-backs at the Sew 'n Swap to make these into broaches.  I think I am going to try to work some safety pins into the back so that I don't have to buy pin-backs.  We will see if it works.

Happy May Day!

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