Monday, April 19, 2010

Inspire: Earth Day

Earth day is right around the corner, folks.  For us in the US, April 22nd is a day to celebrate our planet and take steps to make sure She sticks around for many more generations to come.  Earth Day was founded in the 1970s as a way to promote environmentalism.

I am going to be celebrating Earth Day this year with my son's class.  We are going to be picking up trash and helping to beautify a park, I believe.  Normally Earth Day passes for me without any big fuss.  After all, I (mostly) practice reducing, recycling, and reusing.  I think most people have figured out the recycling part, but I believe more emphasis should land on the reducing and reusing R's.  It's great to recycle, but if you are still buying things with packaging or things that can be recycled, you are still using energy. 

It's not that difficult to find ways to reduce your consumption or to reuse items.  Rather than buying a new bottle of water every day, but a filter and a reusable water bottle.  Or buy a regular bag of chips and some Tupperware to make smaller portions instead of single serving bags.

Even just a small change can make a big difference.

For instance, I have been using Tupperware in my son's and my own lunches this year, but I've been buying him juice boxes.  I didn't want to fill his aluminum bottle every day because it would be one more thing he might forget and it won't fit in his lunch box.  Most Tupperware/other-brand drink containers that I have tried have all leaked.  But a month ago or so, a friend shared an article about Rubbermaid litter-less drink containers.  It had great reviews so I went out and bought a couple to try. 

My son loves them.  When I showed them to him and said that for less than his previous drinks, I could use these and buy a large thing of juice, he was all excited.  His words, without any prompting from me, were that now he wouldn't have to have as much trash.  I love my kid.

Here are some sources for Earth Day and things to inspire you to do your part:
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Happy Earth Week!

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