Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Write: Morning Poetry

Good morning, peoples.  In starting a month of writing poetry every day, I have found that I write mostly while traveling.  Good for me because I car/van-pool and don't have to drive, bad because I have a thirty minute commute.  Some people exercise in the morning (which is another thing to do when I catch up on enough sleep. :P), I am happy I am writing in the morning.

So today your challenge is one of two things.  Either write about, or during, travel or write about achieving your dreams.

This is a poem from this morning, please keep in mind I haven't edited it yet.  One of these days!

Skeletal limbs stretch bark blackened by the rain
In the warming air, a haze of green shimmers
and captures the gaze.
New leaves materialize
heralding the new season.

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