Friday, April 23, 2010

Create: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Crafts

I've discovered in this month of stash busting that 1) I suck crafting without a deadline, nothing is getting done, and 2) almost everything I have made has been stash because I'm always broke. :)  Here are a few of the things I've made recently.
Here is the haul I made for my poetry swap partner.  Yarn out of my stash for the sun and clouds.  Beads from stash for the rain drop necklace (I need to make one of those for myself).  Magnet and candy wrapper stash for the swallows and card.  Cardboard, white paper (saved from the trash at work from printer screw ups), and fancy paper from stash for the handbound journal. 

Here is what I was working on last night.  The little pouch is for my converter drive so I can share pictures with you guys!  Made from a pair of my son's old pants.  The flower is made of used envelopes from work.  The jars are a pickle and salsa jar, painted with modpodge and food coloring.  They are supposed to be candle holders.  The idea for the jars came recently from a post on my feeder, maybe from Craft?  I don't remember.

Have fun and remember your three R's!

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