Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Write: The Joys of Spring

I always think of Beltane as a summer holiday, but it is still a spring holiday.  One of my favorite things about spring are the lilacs.  The smell is gorgeous, but since you can't recreate the smell (at least without it smelling fake), spring is the only time for it.  This time of year is when the juices of spring really get flowing, things are growing, and the trees are alive and full of leaves.  Get out there and enjoy it!

For this week's writing experiment, think back to a favorite memory/sight/smell/event that happens as spring really gets swinging.  Take ten minutes and write about that favorite thing.  Describe it in detail or sing about how it makes you feel.

This is the last week of April, so enjoy this last bit of poetry.  I will still be trying to write every day (which I've mostly accomplished this month, go me!) but I will try to get back to the exercises and prose in coming weeks. 

The lilacs are blooming,
the delicate blossoms emerging
from a sea of green.
The sweet scent
twirling on a damp breeze
brings memories of bouquets
gathered by small hands
gracing the table.

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