Friday, April 9, 2010

Create: Poetry

Okay... I suck.  I've been so busy this week, I forgot to make you guys a craft!  And the craft I finished and was going to post I realized I can't yet, since it's for a craft swap that has not yet been sent.  I also forgot that my son's spring pictures were yesterday...  Sigh.

So today instead of a crafty arty project, you're going to get a second poem this week.  I promise I will be better prepared next week.  This morning we had plumes of fog over the bodies of water on my way to work, including the river.  I love seeing that.  It is so awesome and inspiring. 

Smoke on the Water

In the first light of dawn
as it kisses the grass
and teases the shadows
from dark hollows,
the golden rays embrace
the deep black water.
She sighs,
rushing along her bank
as they enfold her.
Rising above her surface
is proof of the love affair
that a voyuer remembers
the rest of the day --
passing witness to a mystery.

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