Monday, April 26, 2010

Inspire: Beltane! May Day!

Yup, I suck.  Sorry.  Was sick from work today and didn't get a post up.  This no computer thing is starting to get pretty annoying.

May 1st is May Day.  Also known to us Pagans as Beltane and a host of other names.  It's a holiday for ringing doorbells and running away from kisses, a night full of fire and broomsticks, a fertility celebration.  Beltane is one of my favorite holidays, although I'm almost always alone on a day celebrating the union of the female and male.  This week has been pretty rainy and it's only starting to get warm here, so it really doesn't feel like Beltane.  But the trees are going from a green haze to being covered in leaves.  Flowers are blossoming like crazy.  And it's possible to go outside without a jacket (on the days without rain). 

Our inspiration this week is this wonderful first day of May.  What will you be doing to celebrate the new fertility singing around you?  Will you be reviving the tradition of May Day Baskets?  Will you jump the fire or broomstick hand in hand with your significant other?

I know that I, at the very least (if it stops raining), will be painting a mural.  :)

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