Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Write: Where You Find It

I thought I would write a poem about my new nifty basket, but... it isn't ready.  I feel like it should be more of a metaphor and what I wrote sounds kind of forced.  I've got to work on it.  Shouldn't you all be happy that I want to work on something before I post it? ;)  Yeah, didn't think you would.  Especially because today's poem hasn't been worked on!  Hahahah!  Ahem. 

So today's writing challenge follows the surprising inspiration theme.  Go outside, look around for five minutes, and write about something you saw or something that suddenly gave you an idea.

Highway Signs

Signs point the way,
identifying branches from
the main artery
into small
Allowing the life blood to
travel without worry.
Never stopping for directions.

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